Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the Road Again

This is not what I'll be wearing all day. In five minutes, I plan on changing into my new fluffy pj pants and a sweatshirt, hopping in the car, and driving 6 hours to my family. 'Twill be wonderful.

I love this cardigan like a child. It's the coziest thing I own, and I wear it around the house all the time.
*side note* Zach just handed me a massive plate of fish and corn to sustain me on my journey. What a guy. 

I got this necklace from a friend when she purged her closet, and this is the first time I've worn it. I had trouble finding a great outfit for it, and I'm thrilled with its debut!

Well, I'm off to gas up and hit the road! Safe travels to all you holiday travelers out there!

Shirt: Vintage, as in I've had it forever and have no idea where it came from  Cardigan: Marshalls  Belt: thrifted  Necklace: from a friend  Boots: TJ Maxx

We were good citizens and tossed this bag of forgotten trash in the dumpster. In the spirit of Christmas.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stripes in the Snow

Hello, again. I've manged to post twice. So far, so good. 
This is my favorite holiday shirt. I wear it more often than I'd like to admit to you.

I had to wake up disgustingly early for work this morning, and just the thought of it plagued my dreams all night. I had some disturbing dreams about Jim Halpert that you're probably better off not hearing about.

I'm headed home to my family tomorrow, so there will probably be a short hiatus in posts (not like you'll miss them, seeing how you've survived this long without me to begin with). 

The happiest of holidays to you! Hug the ones you love, and soak it all up!

Shirt, Cardigan, Pants: Ann Taylor (It's tough working in retail.)  Shoes: Target  Belt: thrifted


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And We're Off

Well, howdy. Here we are, on my style blog. I'm Lindsay (clearly), and I read style blogs like a style blog maniac. So I decided to start my own style blog. Does using the phrase "style blog" 5 times in one minute make me an official style blogger right away?



My boyfriend takes my pictures for me because my camera is too tiny and weak to stand up on its own. 
I generally make ridiculous faces in pictures, so this posing thing does not come naturally to me.
Hence, I will be sharing many an awkward picture with you. 

Welcome. Hang out with me, and look at pictures of what I wear. I promise it'll be fun.

Shirt, Jeans: Ann Taylor  Scarf: NYC street vendor  Shoes: Target  Belt: thrifted

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