Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Camera Can't Stand Up Vertically

Today I realized that my apartment isn't all that photo-worthy. I love our space and how we've decorated it, but it doesn't really provide for good outfit photo backgrounds. Which, of course, isn't what I had in mind when I decorated, so I'm not too broken up about it. 
I eventually settled on the couch.

I'm still there.

What's that? You're marveling over the beauteous-ness of my scarf? It's from London. My angel friend, Beatus, brought it back for me. 

Scarf: gift  Top: Ann Taylor  Skirt: Old Navy  Socks: Target  Boots: TJ Maxx  Belt: thrifted  Earrings: F21 

 See you tomorrow for my Weekly Gratitude! I'll still be here. On the couch.



Jo said...

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You and I have similar style, so I anticipate I'll be stopping by and stealing outfit ideas here and there ;)

To answer your question, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - also known as the snowiest place on earth. OK, not really, but it sure feels like it is recently! I can see by your photos that you guys have had a lot of snow recently, too!

angie said...

You look so sweet and fresh and definitely a positive person!I like the scarf it seems special!

crystal glamour said...

great scarf:)

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