Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flowers and Stripes

It was a print-mixin' kind of day. I've had this outfit in my head for a good week, and as I tore apart my closet in an effort to get dressed today, I completely ruled it out. And after several other frustrating outfit attempts, I decided to give it a try. And voila: I feel adorable.

Ok guys, I have two confessions.

Confession #1. I SWEAR I don't wear this belt every single day of my life. But I do love it quite a lot, since I thrifted it for $1.50.

Confession #2: I'm wearing long underwear under my tights. Go ahead, judge me. But DAMN, if my legs weren't nice and toasty in the winter wind.

That's me almost falling over in a pothole of snow.

Sweater, Dress: Marshalls  Belt: thrifted  Tights: good question...  Socks: Target  Boots: Charlotte Russe

If you decide to wear long undies under your tights, don't worry. It'll be our secret.



Kenziefaith said...

Haha - I love your outtake! You're super pretty. That skirt & shirt are adorable!

KF x

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