Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Gentlemen's Club

There are some other tenants in our apartment. They always sit in odd places and make weird noises, but we've gotten used to it. In fact, we've gotten rather chummy with them.


 Nigel is the youngest of the bunch. At least, we think so. He has a short tail, and he's the one who's constantly out on the windowsill. And he's the most photogenic.

 We think Rupert is the oldest. His head is kind of beak-shaped . . . I think it means he's really smart. He just looks old. Look at him . . . checkin' out the parking lot.

Winston . . . is kind of lame. At least he was today when I was taking pictures. He was just chilling in the corner. With his face in the wall. You can tell it's Winston because he has a little notch in his tail.

These are our other roommates. The Gentlemen's Club, if you will. During the day, they hang out on our windowsill and the wires above our window, and at night, they're in the corner of our wall, squeaking and scratching. Partying it up. With Rupert chaperoning, I'm sure.


summertime dreams said...

Hiya, just popped over from ebony's blog, and OMG we have window squirrels too!!! Unfortunately they never stick around long enough for a photo, they use the windowsills as more of a highway ......zoom. So damn cute though.

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