Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last of the Light

I feel like I've been sitting in front of the computer for a solid two days. Which is actually not that far from the truth. My eyes feel constantly crossed. There may be fewer posts next week, as I'll be visiting my family and my photographer isn't coming with me. Maybe I'll be able to convince my sister to snap a few. 
Our cupboards are pretty bare this week, so it's a good thing I'm headed home. Zach and I are like children when we're hungry. We get moody and angry for no apparent reason, and it stays that way until we eat something. Therefore, I always have granola bars in my purse. I think of them as peace offerings.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor  Blue Tunic: friend's closet  Gray Tank: F21  Jeans: Kohl's  Owl Necklace: F21  Shoes: my beloved Anne Frank shoes, from Payless, c/o UWL costume shop

 Time to eat. Moodiness be gone.



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