Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Summer visit in Chillicothe with Beatus . . . is it summer yet?!

 This week FLEW by! It feels like I was just sitting here writing about last week's blessings. Well, THIS week, I am thankful for:

--Snow-covered Wisconsin. My drive back to the Twin Cities on Sunday was just beautiful. Long stretches of highway with just nothing but white hills and trees.

--Phil from Modern Family. So splendidly awkward and wonderful. "That's coconuts. You're super delightful."

--Having enough time in the morning to drink my coffee peacefully while I read blogs.

--All the blogs I read. They're all so unique and put a smile on my face every morning.

--My wonderful evening with Beatus. I never ever get tired of seeing my friends.

--Long underwear. For helping me brave the wind chill to walk to work every day.

--All of the audition opportunities I've had this week. I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and out of my acting rut.

--Again, my trusty car, Sid. For loving me even when I blast epic music and sing along really loudly, and for coming through (usually) in this bitter cold weather.

It's FRIDAY! Have a lovely weekend! Zach and I are going to be shooting a music video with Lenstory Films (check out their film "Not My Midnight" on the home page. I'm in that!). I can't wait to share the experience with you, so check back soon!



Ramsey said...

I love love love long underwear...only I live in Florida, so I pretty much only wear mine to sleep. They are white. Cute. And isn't coffee time in the morning the best!

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