Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/30, Awkward Attack

pic name

pic name

So here it is! The first of my 30 outfits. I have a feeling you'll be seeing this striped shirt a lot in the next month. It's best to get acquainted now. 
Striped shirt, blog readers.
Blog readers, striped shirt.

Here are some Zach quotes from this evening:
"You looked like a squirrel when you were yawning."
"The sight of it {the laundry} makes me want to hurt something."
And just now, from the bedroom, as he puts away the laundry: "I DON'T LIKE IT."

Green Scarf:Cardigan, Striped Shirt, Jeans: Ann Taylor  Shoes: Famous Footwear
Am I falling? Preparing to attack? . . . Dancing? I'll let you decide.



Ramsey said...

Hahahah...you looked like a squirrel when you were yawning! Wow..what an imagination. That cracks me up!

Gertrude said...

The squirrel quote was really funny! Love the colour of the scarf! x

Taj Acosta said...

what a face you have doll! Just gorgeous! Loving your blog! xoxo

Renee B. said...

You're lovely! I adore your striped shirt. Can't wait to see what else you remix it with! Fun fun! Love the 30 in 30!

Mimi said...

I think your dancing because youre so happy you own that scarf! It looks so good with the black and white top! Love the quotes! I hate laundry too:)

Aesthetic Lounge

Ebony said...

Oh no! I can't see your pics! Flickr says they're currently unavailable. It's like a blind date right now with me and that cute stripey shirt you told me about and I can't wait to meet him!
Yes you're shirts a him, it would be weird to have a woman shirt holding your lady lumps in, awkward. :D

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