Monday, February 21, 2011

13/30, My weekend: pancakes, incense, and Lost. Oh yeah, and snow.

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We had a pancake feast last night, and I'm going to tell you about it. We made peanut butter pancakes, topped them off with ice cream and fruit, and had a Lost (oh, Charlie, how I missed you!) marathon (thanks, Stephanie!). It was more like dessert than dinner, and I am not ashamed in the least.

We also toured some apartments this weekend, and one of the residents was burning incense of some sort. We were in the there less than 2 minutes, and now our entire apartment smells like it. I feel like I need to deep clean the carpet and throw out our coats.
Which would be irresponsible, considering it's Snowmaggedon outside again. 
Thanks, Midwest! I love you . . . really . . . I do.

White Shirt: friend's closet  Cardigan, Pants: Ann Taylor  Scarf: H&M  Belt: thrifted  Boots: TJ Maxx

Do you need a laugh to start your Monday off right? Here. You're very welcome.



Jo said...

I love this outfit! So cute and still very cozy.

Ramsey said...

You always look so darling and pulled together! And I could so go for a pancake fest right now!

Kate said...

I almost bought that scarf, and now I definitely wish I did. Cute remix!

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