Tuesday, February 22, 2011

14/30, a milestone, plus a night at the theatre

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We went to the Guthrie last night and saw probably one of the most epic pieces of theatre . . . ever. Of course, we only saw a screening of it because it's currently running in London, but still. Epic. Derek Jacobi as the lead role in the Donmar's production of King Lear. It was pretty brilliant.
And when I say "brilliant," I mean "genius, amazing, astounding, moving, mega-awesome . . . " etc.

It's my 50th post! Aren't you excited?! I should have made you cupcakes. Of course, I would have had to eat them all for you . . .
On second thought, I'll go make you some right now. You know . . . in honor of the blog. And my hunger.

I like this blogging thing. I think I'll stick with it.

Especially if there are cupcakes involved in every milestone.

Cardigan:  thrifted  Dress (worn as top): TJ Maxx  Skirt: Ann Taylor  Belt: thrifted  Tights: Marshalls  Shoes: Famous Footwear

Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments! 



Love at First Shoe said...

Love these color combos! Super cute :)

aaez said...
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aaez said...

gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. happy 50th!

Kathrine said...

Ha, ha, I loove the idea of cupcakes on every 50 posts! Yayayay!

Love the color combination...

And King Lear is my favorite form Shakespeare...sounds you had an amaying night at the theatre

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

love the tights, happy 50th!!!

Ashley said...

congrats on your 50th ppost!!! LOVE THOSE TIGHTS! AH i need some!

Linley said...

love all these bright colors you have on! especially that blue - it's gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

I've really been loving the yellow/blue combo lately. You wear it well! And purple tights are always extra fun.

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