Thursday, February 24, 2011

16/30, I have a coffee problem, and I'm wearing lots of maroon.

pic name

pic name

Too much maroon? Just enough? I couldn't decide. But I liked it, so . . . the end.

Remember the exciting day I promised? Well the highlight of my day today was buying a new canister of coffee. Sorry to disappoint.
But I'm not lying when I call that a "highlight." I love having a new container of coffee. I am so looking forward to cracking that baby open tomorrow morning and taking a big whiff.
The first week is just the best - when you open it up and smell all that goodness wafting out. And it's all full and ready to brew and stir and enjoy.

The last week of a canister is a little depressing. Scraping the bottom as you scoop it into the filter, sticking your head halfway in to really get at the smell . . .
What? You don't do that?

Shirt: Kohl's  Cardigan: Ann Taylor  Skirt: Old Navy  Belt: thrifted  Tights: Marshall's  Shoes: Famous Footwear

I hope you enjoyed your Thursday morning coffee! Even if you're at the end of your canister.



Leah said...

The maroon looks great with the grey skirt! Your remixes are quite lovely as well. Thanks for your comment.

xo L.

Sam {} said...

please send me those shoes. k, thanks :)

The Suburb Experiment said...

Definitely not too much maroon. And those shoes are awesome!!



I can never get my maroons to photograph right! They always look purple. This is beauteous, and I LOVE the last photo!! :)

kenda said...

i'm with monkeyface, the last photo is great. and i'm loving the maroon. this post reminds me that i don't have enough in my wardrobe.

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