Monday, February 28, 2011

17/30, being Proactive Girl (and something dripped on my head.)

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I woke up in one of those weird, emotional, everything-feels-overwhelming, I'm-not-happy-with-my-life moods. It's definitely hormones/lack of chocolate, plus an underlying hatred of my general laziness, but still. Not nice.
Usually I use these days as an excuse to curl up on the couch with The Office and a cup of coffee and waste away my evening. 

Not today.
Proactive Girl, thy name is Lindsay. (but in the I'm-actively-controlling-my-angst way, not the I'm-using-Proactiv-to-clear-my-acne way . . . )
I did some yoga after work, paid my bills, cleaned my room, and made a to-do list. I got rid of all that nasty nagging going on in my head by actually doing something about it.

And I still have two whole hours of free time to prepare for my first rehearsal (HOORAY!) tonight, and take care of some bloggy business. 

Monday madness, be gone, I say!

Scarf: ??  Cardigan, Pants: Ann Taylor  Shirt: Kohl's  Belt: thrifted  Boots: TJ Maxx

I know I'm pretty behind on the 30x30, but stick with me! I've got tons of remixes up my sleeve. Literally.

Also, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Can you stand the suspense?!



Sam {} said...

cute scarf. hope the funk goes away!


You look adorable, loving these pictures and your fab layers. A big yay, to having a productive day too, I am hoping for a productive evening -fingers crossed. ;-) xx veronika

aaez said...

i love this sweater skinny belt look. i'm copying this after the 30 for 30. thank you much!

Ramsey said...

LOVE the layering here!

Thekla said...


Anne said...

So cute - love the cardigan wrapping! And way to be productive on an overwhelming day... Takes more energy but feels so much better.

Dresden and said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

I love this! So cute. You should totally try the scarf thing, you'd rock it!

From Suns To Moons said...

You have great style and a sweet bob.

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