Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/30, Ketchup and Mustard

Does anyone suddenly want a hot dog?

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I am at a loss for what to write, unless you want me to tell you about how the guy downstairs has progressed to rapping. Which he has.

So instead, you get the childhood story I told Zach last night.
Does anyone remember the show Eerie, Indiana? Well apparently I don't either, because as I was searching for that link, I was searching for "Indiana Jones." I could have sworn the show was about Indiana Jones as a kid. It's not.
AnywayI used to watch this show as a kid, and only one episode sticks out in my mind.
The episode was about this mother who would have her sons sleep in giant tupperware containers at night so that they would never grow old. Kept 'em young and fresh.
This terrified me.

Cut to a few weeks later. I've been having nightmares about this episode for weeks. My dad (Hi, Dad!) takes me to Wal-mart with him one day. Of course we end up in the aisle with all the storage containers. You know, these things.
"You know, these could be really handy in the basement. You could put toys in there."
AND THEN.  Jokingly, unaware of my fear of being preserved in a human-sized tupperware:
"We could even store you kids in there."

I slept with my eyes open all week.

Scarf:Sweater: Target  Belt: from a friend  Jeans: Ann Taylor  Boots: TJ Maxx
What were some of your childhood fears?


Mimi said...

Haha! I never had this particular dream, but I think if it actually worked, my parents would've done it. Especially since after I grew up, I moved away and they are so wanting me to move back!

Aesthetic Lounge

Buffy said...

Love the color combination.

Ebony said...

This should have come with a warning because yes, now I want a hotdog. I'm going to have one for lunch :) Haha.

I can only see one of your photos this time Lindsay! You tease. So I can't comment on your outtake and they're my favourites. You look dashing in all your mustardy saucey goodness :) You have a gorgeous smile that makes me smile. Wait, now I sound like a creep. I'm not. Promiiiise.

Ahhh the old tupperware fear. I'm sure they have a name for that... wait nope, google doesn't bring up anything. Except! If you have arachnophobia you can use tupperware containers to catch the suckers. Little fact for you.

When I was young there was a show called 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' Did you have it there? Well it's pretty much these kids sitting around a campfire telling scary stories that you get to see as the viewer. That old shizzle. And there was one episode that really got to me. There was a chick stuck in a mirror, I can't remember why or how but she was. Cue irrational fear or mirrors when alone. *sigh* Good times.

Thanks for bringing up that memory, now I'm going to put my makeup on. Wish me luck :p

ps. I don't know why your flickr hates me, was it something I said?

Jo said...

I loved watching Erie, Indiana as a kid!! It was like Twilight Zone, but for kids :)

I dunno wassup with Flickr but I could also only see one of your photos. But if it's any consolation, you looked cute!!

Kathrine said...

First of all, yummie color combo! :)
Second, in the last picture is there a BIKE under the tons of snow?
Third, my biggest childhood fear was the dark...and ghosts...I think I got over it...maybe. :)

heartshapedbruise. said...

I have just come across your blog, & I HAD to leave a comment: Yes I remember 'Eerie Indiana' - that is the exact same episode that has stayed with me for life too! That is so weird!
Although I do feel slightly better now that I know I'm not the only person that was traumatised by it..

Great blog! You have a new follower in me m'dear, we obviously have things in common :)

Macy Dawn said...

I LOVE wearing my belts like this!

Savannah said...

Of the photo I could see, I'm in loooove with your pop's of color here!

aaez said...

i LOVE the colors in this outfit they really pop! i'm doing the 30 for 30 too, it's my first time but i'm having so much fun thus far!


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