Tuesday, February 8, 2011

6/30, I wasted this outfit on a scam.

So I'm wearing it again to work today.

pic name

pic name

Long story short, I was lured into a scammy scam-filled meeting with perky compliments and fast talking confusion. Turns out, they wanted me to sell Diet Magic Pills. 
Oh yeah. And pay them $150 to do it.

That's my skeptical face.
I booked it to my car and left them crying.
And now my tights are sad that I wasted them on such scammery.
They feel used.

In lieu of sending them to therapy, I'm just giving them extra love and a bowl of ice cream.

White Shirt: friend's closet  Striped Tee, Skirt: Ann Taylor  Tights: Marshall's  Belt: thrifted  Shoes: Famous Footwear  Watch: gift from Zach's parents 
Moral of the story: Don't wear your favorite tights to sketchy meetings. Or . . . don't go to sketchy meetings.



la mì said...

Wonderful blog!^^
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Glamour Marmalade

Ramsey said...

Love how you paired those shoes with those tights. Professional look without one ounce of boring!

Anonymous said...

But your tights are such a great color! Maybe the scam wont get to them :)

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