Monday, March 28, 2011

5 things that made me laugh this weekend

really old picture alert!
1. My puppy-mama co-worker read this article and started full on crying halfway through. It took her ten minutes to realize it was The Onion.

2. Zach tried to teach me to juggle. It lasted all of two minutes. I don't have very good hand-eye coordination.

3. BSB Cruise. A tropical vacation with Brian Littrell? All of my inner twelve-year-old's dreams come true.

4. This kid is just so pleased with himself. Hilarious.

5. Zach impersonating an Italian chef as we unpacked groceries last night.

P.S. See that red-headed beauty up there next to me? (photo a la 2006) Well she and her boyfriend stink got engaged over the weekend! Congrats, Jillybean. There's not a better pair out there, and I'm over the moon happy for you guys!

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