Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I'm sure you guys know the drill. Head on over to Sydney's blog and check out everyone else's A&A Thursdays.

 -I had an egg sandwich for every meal yesterday.
-the guy singing downstairs. Like . . . seriously. He's not good and I just pity his poor little music-loving heart.
-ummm . . . the pretty mediocre audition I just had wherein I turned into an inarticulate fool when they asked me questions. Come on, guys! You gave me less than 24 hours to prepare!
-the older bank teller woman telling us about how she used to go streaking when she was in college.
-Zits. The little ones directly under your nose.
-The 2011 Oscars. Am I right? James Franco: stoned or just plain apathetic?

 -I had an egg sandwich for every meal yesterday.
-Shamrock shakes. And LOST.
-I'm on a roll at work this week. Sadly, it makes me feel validated.
-I get to see some really good friends this weekend! And I haven't seen them in forEVER.
-Zach MacGyver-ing the cable on Sunday so we could watch the Oscars.
-The Oscars. Heartfelt acceptance speeches always make me cry. I love celebrating the arts.
-It's March. Springtime is near.

Happy Thursday, friends!



Anonymous said...

Cute post


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