Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm a pancake fiend and a 30x30 loser.

Don't let the smiles fool you. It's still winter here.

I just made pancakes. None of them actually made it to the table because as soon as one was done cooking, I proceeded to eat it while I cooked the next one. It was a pretty rockin' system.
Except now, other than the giant pancake weight in my stomach, I still don't feel like I've actually eaten dinner. Things you eat while standing don't count, right?

Ok. Kendi's done with the 30x30. I am a major remix loser and have only posted 17 outfits! I pinky swear I've finished the challenge, but I haven't been able to take daily photos. Poll time! 
Do you still want me to continue with the challenge and post my outfit photos when I'm able?
Or would you rather we call it finito and move on?

To be honest, I'd rather move on, cuddle my other clothes and give them some blog fame, but if you want to see the 30x30 remixes, have no fear! I shall make it so!

Did you guys have a delicious weekend? Tell me!



Jo said...

As a deliquint 30 for 30 dropout, I say just finito! Dropouts like company :P

StephAnna said...

You're not alone.. I'm stuck @ 17 and just 13 more to go too. All due to work, camera issues etc..
Lets embrace and stroll to the finish line, enjoying a moment of meeting new stylish friends. Have a wonderful week ahead! Cheers, StephAnna aka DUnderdogFashionistas

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