Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[insert exciting post title here]

I have a productive day planned, and none of it involves leaving the apartment. I will not acknowledge this snow. I will ignore it until it goes away.

Ok. Due to my productive day, I gave myself a time limit to write this post. I just wasted it staring at the screen. I can't believe the weather is the most exciting thing in my life today. Maybe later I'll regale you with my bathroom cleaning experience and how I braved the snow to take the garbage out. 

Top, Jeans: Ann Taylor  Scarf: gift  Shoes: Charlotte Russe
 Have an excellent Wednesday! It is Wednesday . . . right?


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Anik Milk said...

The scarf completes the outfit perfectly! Beautiful scarf!
And bathroom cleaning experience is really necessary for me, because I always have some trobles with this:) I followed you some days ago. Welcome.

LCR said...

cute outfit! i love the scarf especailly. I'm in the process of listening to the Sarah Kay video above- amaazing! thanks for sharing:)
oh, and i'm a fan of your blog already, so i'm following. follow me too?:)
Thanks for visiting my blog too and commenting!
Twitter: @LCROutsideVoice

Lindsay M said...

I'm in love with your stripe/scarf pattern mix! And you are gorgeous!


Robyn said...

haha. Love a good awkward outtake. I hope your day really was productive as planned. My Saturday was crazy productive until I took an unplanned nap from 3-6. Woops. Oh well. At least you look chic in your casual productivity outfit. Loving the scarf.


Productive days are great, just had one yesterday, yay. AND your outfit is so CUTE (as always). I'm loving the gorgeous scarf + green flats, adds such a nice touch to the jeans/tee ensemble. xx veronika

Renee B. said...

Pretty outfit!!! Sometimes it's all I can do to get motivated and leave the house, I feel ya:)

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