Monday, March 14, 2011

scenes from a weekend

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

I hope you all had a splendid one. 



Cydney said...

Um, you guys are adorable. And your weekend looks DELICIOUS.
And do you know how happy it makes me that I could make someone laugh over the internet with my sillystupid blog? LIke, a lot. :) So thanks!

From Suns To Moons said...

Sweet photojournaling! The food looks especially tempting.

Anik Milk said...

Ypur photos make me:
a. feel hungry
b. smile
c. joyful
You guys are so admireble!!!

LiveLoveDressup said...

I love your Blog Lindsay! it's so real, fun and adorable! and that food looks yummy!

Jen said...

The Bulldog!! LOVE that place! Have you ever tried the one in St Paul? The nachos are DELICIOUS!!!

Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

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