Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We interrupt the 30x30 to bring you . . . BROTHER STYLE!

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

He's got great style, no? And some pretty sweet supermodel moves.
My brother is hilarious and awesome. That's basically all you need to know about him.
Oh yeah, and he's a baseball stud. Like majorly. 
He once told me that if we were trapped somewhere and forced to resort to cannibalism, that he would eat my biceps first because they were "tender and meaty."
It's not creepy. Just a sign of love.

Sweater, Jeans, Tee: He told me it's all Kohl's. Boys don't pay attention. But for real, it's probably all Kohl's.
Then sometimes he does sweet things like say I'm his role model. 
Hence his supermodel moves.



love said...

Best. Post. Ever. Davis, you are a stud muffin.

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

cute! he looks like fun! brothers are great :)

Erin Willett said...

Haha, how fun! He looks like he enjoyed this little photo shoot thoroughly!

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Virginie Lavallée Bélanger said...

Ha ha!

We don't get enough boys in the style blog world, that's for sure!

Virginie's Cinema

Jen said...

You're in MN?? Me too! Me too! Stop over and say HI!!

Oh, and enter my perfume GIVEAWAY if you'd like!


K I'm a little "buturt" that we didn't get to see style from you today Lindsay but it's cool cuz your bro is clearly fab. Fierce. And every other supermodel adjective he prolly doesn't want to hear ;)

Cydney said...

I LOVE that you love your brother. Brothers are magic. :) And yours looks super fun, too. :)

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