Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh hi . . . well, this is awkward . . .

Um, it's been forever. More like two months, but in Blog Land, that's forever. Is anyone still there? Life has been crazy, busy, and awesome these past couple of months, and my blog kind of fell to the wayside and stayed there, sad and lonely. 
Here are some things I did while I was away.

I moved to a new place . . . and I have no pictures of it. But I've given quite a few Skype tours, so I'm a pro.

 I started taking the train to work. And I bought a polka-dotted umbrella at Tarjay.

 Saw one of my most favorite bands, Shoeless Revolution, at a bar near our new apartment.

 Took ridiculous pictures with Zach, as per usual.

  Ate Pigs in a Blanket for the time since . . . oh I don't know, age 10. Muchas gracias, Perkins.

 Road-tripped to good old La Crosse, where we binged on Buzzard Eggs, Pepperjack Bites, and Ruby Red martinis, 

Saw beautiful Angel Friends,

And witnessed a bizarre bird that would not leave.

Checked out some creepy dolls with my sister.

Meet Ben Linus and Hurley, the newest additions to our apartment.

Cardboard cutout of my brother. Because . . . of course there is.

We got gussied up for my cousin's wedding in Chicago.

Check out their rockin' venue here.

And danced so much I wanted to puke. Boy did that Twist take a lot out of me.

The man shaved his head. 

We had a date night complete with our usual bacon-wrapped treats. (Please disregard the pile of garbage and empty cereal box. Some elves left them in the middle of the night and never came back for them.)

I rehearsed for, opened, performed, and closed another show with an incredible cast of people.

My stud of a brother graduated. He's all growed-up.

My bff and I had a farmer's market, fondue, and Gilmore Girl-filled day of fun and luf.

Oh yeah, and we discovered and vanquished a mouse in our kitchen, all within the past 36 hours. With a lot of screaming, tip-toeing, and weird Google searches in between.

I hope life has been sweet for you all. I continue to be the happy sort of busy, so posts will still be infrequent, but . . . it's nice to be back.

Happy weekend!



Jo said...

I love your new pixie short hair!!! Suits you so well. Welcome back!

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